Arsenal Supporters: Getcha Gooner! New issue out this weekend

Getcha Gooner: The latest print issue of the Gooner Fanzine hits the streets this weekend - order it here

Getcha Gooner: You've Made Us Proud. PICTURE: The front cover of the new Gooner Fanzine which will hit the streets this weekend

Getcha Gooner: You've Made Us Proud

Getcha Gooner: Pre-order new issue 306 which hits the streets this weekend.

We thought you'd be interested to know that you can pre-order the final Gooner Fanzine of this season - which will be on sale this weekend.

We're absolutely knackered after a long season battling to stay alive and would love it if you bought a copy - or if you're already a subscriber (or if you buy on matchdays) then please buy a copy for a mate - as we are struggling for numbers to stay afloat.

More of that soon, but to be fair, after burning the candle at both ends for so long in getting this issue over the line, after a long and stressful season trying to keep the Gooner alive at Gooner Towers we'd absolutely love it if you bought a copy at Meadow Park and/or thew Emirates this weekend, as we're absolutely knackered..

Arsenal supporters Getcha Gooner!Pre-order the new issue of the @GoonerFanzine nowIssue 306 'You've Made Us Proud' hits the streets this weekend UK: of the World:

— Layth (@laythy29) May 16, 2024

Speaking of which...

Help Keep The Printed Gooner Going

Help keep the Gooner going by taking out a subscription for next season. Or take one out for a mate.

We have been heartened by a few of you stopping us while flogging copies before home games to say you were subscribers but you wanted to buy a copy for a friend who hadn't read the Gooner in a while.

If there are more of you who fancy doing that over this weekend it will make us happy. Every little helps as they say.

Pre-order Gooner Fanzine issue 306

So, please pre-order a copy of issue 306 or if you're at Sunday's final game of the season vs Everton, please, please, please buy a copy of our Gooner Fanzine issue 306.

Buy it for a mate, buy it for a family member, buy it for a work pal, neighbour, buy it for your dog, buy it for your neighbours dog - buy it for anyone who you think might deserve a spot of Gooner Goodness packed with quality writing on The Arsenal.

For our loyal subscribers out there, please roll over your direct debits ie don't cancel them if you can help it as the numbers will go towards working out exactly where we go from the end of the season.

Getcha Gooner - Help keep the Gooner alive - help keep independent writing alive.

PS: Note to our loyal subcribers: If you're happy with the Gooner Fanzine then please, please, please let your Direct Debit roll over and be a subscriber for next year, as the numbers (or lack of) will go a long way to deciding what happens next season. More on this soon.

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