£250,000-a-week Manchester United Star Wants To Leave For Chelsea

With Raphael Varane leaving Manchester United for free, Chelsea is ready to enter the race for the Frenchman. Fichajes reports that Chelsea is looking at Varane as a top contender to take Thiago Silva’s place.

Chelsea seems to have big plans for the summer transfer window, maybe because they want to start competing again in Europe when this season is over. They want to add seasoned combatants to their group in addition to looking for bright fresh potential. With Thiago Silva leaving Stamford Bridge, Chelsea has to find a capable successor quickly. In this quest, the 31-year-old Varane shows himself to be a tempting option, especially when he is about to become available for free.

The reason Varane is leaving Manchester United is because the team decided not to renew his contract, therefore losing the opportunity to recover some of their investment while freeing themselves of his high salary. But Chelsea has to think about the money, given Varane’s high expectations for pay. But the Frenchman offers a convincing way to strengthen Chelsea’s defense and close the gap created by Silva’s departure. Even if Champions League play may not be available, Chelsea can lure Varane with the idea of him serving as an experienced leader in a young team.

£250,000-a-week Manchester United Star Wants To Leave For Chelsea

Though Chelsea is appealing, Varane has other suitors. Top contenders Al-Nassr and Juventus both have special offers. Perhaps offering Varane a substantial deal, Al-Nassr might bring him back together with Cristiano Ronaldo, a former Real Madrid colleague. Juventus, meanwhile, is still in the race, albeit maybe more financially limited than Chelsea or Al-Nassr.

Although Chelsea might provide Varane stability in the Premier League, the attraction of trying out a new league could also influence his choice, maybe with an eye toward landing another big deal. Varane has the last say; he must consider all the information and choose the course that best fits his goals and desires.

Chelsea made the right squad planning move by signing Varane. Silva leaves a defensive vacuum, which Varane effectively closes. Given his background and aptitude, he is an excellent option. Getting him for free is a great deal as well. Even if Chelsea may not be able to provide Varane Champions League football, they do have a strong project. Al-Nassr and Juventus, nevertheless, are also making strong bids. Chelsea has the advantage of Premier League continuity, but Varane’s choice could depend on factors more than simply geography. Where he lands is up to chance, but Chelsea’s pursuit is well-considered.

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Rumour has it that Aaron Wan-Bissaka will be leaving Manchester United in the summer. Wan-Bissaka has had his fair share of criticism, but his defensive ability hasn’t gone unrecognised. But his performance as a whole is not up to the high standards that Manchester United demands. The recruiting staff is under pressure since the original £45 million investment now seems less than wise. As such, when the transfer window opens, the Red Devils seem to be open to accepting bids below their initial assessment. A recurring defensive injury problem during the season left Manchester United boss Erik ten Hag extremely dependent on Wan-Bissaka, using the player beyond what was desirable.

With only a year left on his contract—thanks to a prior extension the team activated—Wan-Bissaka is in a position where the club administration is considering offers. Manchester United has suffered a substantial loss on their original outlay, as shown by their willingness to consider bids around the £20 million figure. Fanned by conjecture and the attraction of seeing their former prodigy again, Crystal Palace becomes a realistic destination. But questions remain about whether the Eagles will agree to Wan-Bissaka’s pay demands.

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