DeMar DeRozan Reveals Level of Interest in Joining Lakers


DeMar DeRozan

The Los Angeles Lakers will look for the best help they can get on the free agent market. Los Angeles native DeMar DeRozan will be an unrestricted free agent, which leaves the possibility open for him to join the team. DeRozan himself acknowledged that there is some appeal there.

DeRozan was asked how he would feel about potentially joining the Lakers on “Run it Back.” He didn’t rule it out, but made it clear that he’d play for a team who wants him.

“I’ve been a Lakers fan since Day One. You can’t never say no about playing home, especially for playing for a storied team like the Lakers. So, time will tell. We’ll see where the cards fall. Until then, I’ll see what happens. I’m always going to be where I’m wanted. I know what Imma do, so we’ll see how it plays out,” DeRozan said.

DeRozan has spent the last three seasons with the Chicago Bulls. In that time, they have made the playoffs once while making the play-in the last two seasons. The Lakers haven’t had the best three-year stretch, but they have made a Western Conference Finals run.

DeMar DeRozan Wants to Stay With Bulls

During that same interview, DeRozan made it clear that he would like to re-sign with the Bulls this offseason.

.@DeMar_DeRozan wants to stay in Chicago 🙌

“The city is great, I love the city, the organization been great—it’s definitely a place I would love to return to, and take care of unfinished business.” 👏 #Bulls

“It’s definitely somewhere I’d like to return to,” DeRozan said. “I think more so than anybody. When the job ain’t done with me, Lou, no matter how tough the situation may look, I’m one of those guys that tries to stick it through and try to make something out of nothing.”

He added that he has become attached to Chicago in his time there.

“The city is great. I love the city. The organization’s been great, so it’s definitely a place I’d love to return to and take care of unfinished business.”

If DeRozan signs with the Bulls, that doesn’t necessarily mean his going to the Lakers is out of the question. The Bulls have been a team mired in mediocrity since adding DeRozan, though some of that is not their fault. Lonzo Ball’s injury and uncertainty has put them in no-man’s land after an excellent start during the 2021-22 season.

If things continue that way, DeRozan could be available for a trade later down the road.

Belief Around NBA is Bulls Re-Sign DeMar DeRozan: Report

Echoing DeRozan’s sentiments, all indications are that the Bulls want to keep him, too. HoopsHype’s Michael Scotto reported that teams around the NBA believe DeRozan will stay in Chicago.

“In general, the belief around the league is DeRozan will ultimately re-sign with the Bulls, given the team’s continued desire to compete, his role, and Chicago’s willingness to pay him,” Scotto reported in a May 13 story.

Things may change when the offseason begins. The Bulls must consider whether it’s worth it to keep the team they’ve had for the past three seasons. They could make some changes, like trading Zach LaVine, but it’s hard to see how they improve themselves much from where they have been.

If they decide to revamp the roster at some point, the Lakers could then inquire about DeRozan.

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