Social media reaction to Cavs’ Game 5 loss to Celtics



Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Boston Celtics, Game 5, May 15, 2024

CLEVELAND, Ohio — The Cleveland Cavaliers left evrything they had on the court, but it simply wasn’t enough to overcome the Boston Celtics Wednesday in Game 5 of their Eastern Conference Semifinal matchup.

Evan Mobley and Marcus Morris Sr. combined for 58 Cleveland points, while Jayson Tatum, Al Horford and Derrick White put up 65 for the Celtics. Despite a late rally by the Cavs Boston was able to pull away for a 113-98 win in the end.

The Celtics advance to their third straight Eastern Conference Finals, and sixth in eight seasons, while the Cavs are going fishing with a bunch of question marks heading into the offseason.

Here’s how social media reacted to the Cavs’ Game 5 loss to Boston.

NBA Insider Sam Amico on X: Cavs played hard, which I think says a lot about the team moving forward. But it’s season over for now and time to get back to work.

@thecavsjack on X: This feels a lot better than last year. Like a lot.

The Athletic’s Jason Lloyd on X: Cavs put up a hell of a fight in this series. Regardless of what happens moving forward, JB Bickerstaff deserves a lot of credit for that.

SB Nation’s Colb on X: If you would’ve told me after this season I’d feel better about Evan Mobley than I do about Darius Garland going forward, I’d say you were insane.

And yet, here we are.

More for you Cleveland on X: Good season fellas, way to fight

Could’ve been completely embarrassed on the national stage and just never gave up

Clutch points on X: Evan Mobley and Marcus Morris Sr. gave it everything they had for the shorthanded Cavs as they get eliminated by the Celtics in Game 5


33 points on 15-of-24 shooting

7 rebounds

4 assists

2 blocks

Morris Sr.:

25 points on 10-of-13 shooting

5-of-6 3PT

Fear the Sword’s Tony Pesta on X: This is how Mobley should be used, not in the post

Awful announcing’s Ben Axelrod on X:

@realcavsfans on X: Celtics traded for Kristaps Porzingis and Jrue Holidsy coming off a 57-win year.

This ain’t a run it back type offseason.

Across the Cavs on X: First 30-point playoff game of Evan Mobley’s career.

SB Nation’s Colb on X: Just want to point out that the Cavs signed Marcus Morris off the street and he was INFINITELY better than Niang.

Fear the Sword’s Tony Pesta on X: Glad we waited until it was an absolute last resort to start having Mobley attack defenders in space rather than being a post-up, dunker-spot dweller

@thecavsjack on X: Evan Mobley’s extension is also this offseason

I’m pretty confident that’s gonna get done early in the offseason. Give him the rookie max.

@Viewfrom216 on X: I absolutely credit JB Bickerstaff for keeping the Cavs fighting under adversity and carrying themselves like professionals. Made them easy to root for. He did a good job.

But the development fell behind the curve this season, and a new voice on that front is necessary.

WEWS’ Camryn Justice on X: Everyone to Marcus Morris Sr. tonight:

Spotrac’s Kieth Smith on X: I know some feel differently, but I think JB Bickerstaff has done a nice job this season, and in this series. His guys are prepared, they play hard, and they are running some really good stuff.

A weird season of injuries has carried over to the playoffs, but they’re right there.

Sir Yacht on X: Even though Darius Garland and Max Strus shot a combined July 27th from the field tonight, Evan Mobley was awesome and they should be proud for not giving up

Excited for LeBron to come back for the trilogy next season

SB Nation’s Colb on X: As long as you get rid of Niang you should consider it a successful offseason. @cavs

Statmuse on X: Evan Mobley tonight:

33 PTS




The first Cav since LeBron to reach those numbers in a playoff game.

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