Arsenal Has To Trigger The€40m Release Clause To Sign This Fullback

Many people have taken notice of Bayer Leverkusen full-back Jeremie Frimpong this season, including Arsenal. Frimpong’s game was enhanced at the Bundesliga club by Xabi Alonso. He has also helped to make him a sought-after player around Europe. Retaining him will be difficult for Leverkusen, especially now that Alonso has decided to remain. Arsenal likes Frimpong’s style and would be happy to have him join their team for the next campaign. The good news is that Mikel Arteta’s side and any other interested party will have easier time negotiating any possible deal because of the release clause.

Arsenal Has To Trigger The €40m Release Clause To Sign This Fullback

But a new Sport Bild story reveals an important aspect of this release clause: it has an expiry date. Should no side use the provision before it expires, Leverkusen is free to choose their own transfer price. Arsenal’s pursuit gains urgency from the time restriction of this clause, which is reportedly worth around €40 million. One problem, however. The expiry date is approaching before Euro 2024, giving little time for talks.

Even if Frimpong has shown incredible form, Arsenal has a tactical worry. His ideal role of wingback doesn’t quite fit Arsenal’s system, which mostly uses fullbacks. Arsenal’s interest in Frimpong basically highlights his growing reputation in European sport. Understanding his worth, Leverkusen is getting ready for any offers and trying to persuade him to remain. Arsenal is racing the clock as they consider Frimpong’s obvious skill against the tactical fit.

Arsenal’s quest of Jeremie Frimpong, in my view, is a reflection of their want to add young talent to their team. They have surely been drawn to Frimpong because of his outstanding performance at Bayer Leverkusen. But their chase gains urgency since his release clause is about to expire. Frimpong is a good investment for the Gunners, even if his €40 million price may seem high. This transfer drama gains an interesting dimension from the tactical difficulty of integrating him into Arsenal’s system. If Arsenal can get Frimpong signed, he might provide vitality and zest to their team.

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Among the busy talk about the transfer market, Bruno Guimaraes is a sought-after jewel whose skill on the pitch has aroused intense attention, especially from Arsenal. Ever since moving to the Premier League with Newcastle United, the Brazilian midfielder has wowed fans and cemented his place among Europe’s best midfield players. Under Mikel Arteta’s direction, Arsenal continuously tries to strengthen their team in the dynamic dance of football transactions. Guimaraes shows himself to be a strong contender for their next strategic buy, maybe at a premium transfer price.

But ambitious Newcastle is determined to protect its most valuable assets. There’s a release clause, which makes it doubtful whether they can keep Guimaraes even if they would not want to split ways with him. Ben Jacobs’ inside information illuminated the behind-the-scenes activities and showed Arsenal’s proactive interaction with Guimaraes’ officials. Plot deepens as bids above £80 million may change the Brazilian’s mind, particularly in favour of Champions League football.

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