“This is not my team” – Mauricio Pochettino looks a man under pressure despite win

Mauricio Pochettino should have been in a good mood following Chelsea’s win over Brighton, but instead things were still pretty tense.

Perhaps it was the refereeing, perhaps it was Reece James for getting a red. It wasn’t all bleak, but he was very frustrated by the way his words had been twisted by the media before, in his opinion. Talking about his future wasn’t something he was happy about, which can only be a worrying side.

“I have one year more contract here,” was all he could conclude after a slightly confusing ramble about his future and the media.

He launched back into it later in the presser – complaining about people looking only at the results, rather than the performances.

You can see the manager speaking in the clip embedded here:

[embedded content]

His point, basically, seemed to be that his team deserved more credit (or at least some slack) when they weren’t winning but were still building and occasionally playing well.

Next thing you know he was reeling off his CV, in quite an angry way. It really had a strange vibe.

There was even a moment where he declared “this is not my team… it’s Chelsea’s team.”

Pochettino sweats in presser.Strange and terrible vibes spreading

He keeps insisting he’s not going to get dragged into it, then he tangles himself further in. We do have some sympathy if he really hasn’t had proper confirmations from above that he’s staying – perhaps an end of season deadline actually ends up creating this situation inevitably

Pochettino went on to row things back a bit by saying he was happy with the squad, and had a great relationship with the sporting directors – but it’s hard to believe him when he’s visibly sweating as he says it.

Whatever happens now, it’s a strange end to the season given we’ve just reached a new zenith in the table. We can easily win this Sunday and end on a great streak, yet things don’t feel right.

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