Report: What Everton and PL clubs are planning to say at today’s 'crucial' shareholders meeting

Everton are a club still reeling from Friday’s ground-breaking news, which saw them sanctioned in a way no Premier League club has ever been before.

Slapped with a ten-point deduction because of their sole financial breach, the uproar surrounding this case has been widespread, with many sections of the media and now even parliament debating the fairness of such a punishment.

The Toffees have been forthright in their plans to appeal the decision, and will now get an early chance to voice their grievances as they are set to attend a meeting today with the other 19 Premier League clubs.

Whilst their deduction is hardly atop the list of discussions, they will likely weigh in on numerous key topics that certainly still affect them.

The Independent seeks to detail what they describe as a ‘crucial shareholders’ meeting’.

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After all, a divide between the ‘big six’ and the rest of the division is expected, with the European Super League to be referenced once again as pressure mounts on those sides to provide a greater share of money for the wider football pyramid.

A sense of shock regarding Everton’s punishment is also referenced, whilst a renegotiation will take place for the aforementioned deal, which is felt much harder by less financially stable sides.

MORE EVERTON STORIES Will Everton be able to appeal at today’s meeting?

Although it may be a Premier League meeting, with the institution vocal in its desire to see the Merseyside club handed such an aggressive sanction, today will not mark an opportunity for them to plead their case.

Having already made public their plans to appeal the ten-point deduction, Everton must now send their argument to another independent commission with a strong enough case to justify a lesser sentence.

Given they only overspent by a mere £19m, there are certainly grounds to argue that the sanction handed was disproportionate to the actual crime.

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As such, today will instead be an opportunity to debate finances and the spreading of wealth across the 20 clubs, as well as other key points such as the fairness of loans between clubs with the same ownership.

Everton’s battle must be waged on another day.

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