Results of the 2023 bias AGM

The BIAS AGM took place last Wednesday 16th August at the Gtech Community Stadium. The meeting was also broadcast on Zoom.

The meeting opened with an opening statement from Chair Adam Hobbs, followed by a report from Finance and Membership Officer, David Minckley.

A new Executive Committee was elected, comprising of the following members:

Adam Hobbs (Re-elected)

David Minckley (Re-elected)

Sarah Todd (Re-elected)

Angelo Basu (Re-elected)

Richard Nabarro (Re-elected)

Peter Edward (Re-elected)

Ronald Mansveld (Re-elected)

Richard Kirchner (Re-elected)

Allyson Woyak

Andy Griffin

Ben Bland

Matthew White

The first meeting of the new committee will take place on the 11th December 2023.

The following motions were also carried:

Approve amendments to the BIAS Constitution

Adoption of the Financial Accounts for the year ending 31st May 2023

Approve continuation of free membership to the Association

Approve retention of Jim Walsh as auditor for BIAS Financial Accounts

The full results can be viewed on this page

Full minutes and supporting documents will be published shortly.

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