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And so we have our trophy! by Shenel

I wrote an article only a few weeks ago just after the semi final draw was made and I said beating City and then possibly getting Chelsea in the final would end up being a repeat of the 2017 final.

We knew so many pundits and people wrote us off as soon as we got City, but I always had faith! I believed we would beat City and in turn I also believed we would beat our final opponents be it Manchester United or Chelsea.

Although in 2017 we beat City 2-1, this time it was 2-0 but the final result against the same final opponents had the same result and after such a poor season with so many ups and downs, we have finally managed something positive!

Winning the trophy that is meant for us for a RECORD BREAKING 14th time may I add is some feat in itself!

The win against Chelsea follows on from the impressive two wins against Liverpool and Manchester City only two weeks ago.

We have seen what the boys are now capable of! On their day they can beat almost anyone. If we maintain this passion and positivity, keep 90% of the players we already have if not more, and add a few more experienced ones then I can see us having a good season next season.

Well let’s put it this way it can’t be any worse than this one can it!

Here’s hoping we can automatically qualify for the Champions League next season without having to rely on an FA Cup final win to get us into Europe.

Either way the grit and fight shown by our boys, shows Arteta’s message is clear to see with how he is building his team and what he expects from them.

If they keep this up it won’t be long before we get to see the Arsenal that we had become accustomed to. The team who fought tooth and nail in every game, the team who went unbeaten and the team who challenged every season for 1st place and trophies.