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Hearts manager Daniel Stendel insists goalkeeper Joel Pereira’s selection is determined by form and not because of any clause in the loan agreement with Manchester United.

Stendel’s apparent reluctance to drop the Spaniard following glaring errors in each of his last three games has led to theories that Hearts would incur a financial penalty from his parent club if the 23-year-old did not play.

Questions over Pereira were again raised on Wednesday after the shot-stopper appeared to be at fault for the opening goal in the 5-0 thrashing at Celtic.

However, asked directly whether there was any incentive associated with playing Pereira, Stendel, whose team host Hamilton in today’s crucial bottom of the table clash, said: “I understand your question but it’s not one idea in my head to decide things like that for the first eleven.

“I think most of the time since he has been here he has played very well, and this is also the reason to trust him. We know and he knows he can play so much better than in the last games. In the end we need the best team on the pitch on Saturday.”