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……………………… Rodgers vs Emery / Vardy vs AFC Defense…OR the game that could end our Top 4 hope.

This game is so interesting in so many ways. There is so much to play for and both teams are in opposite spirals. On one hand, Leicester has started the season very well and everyone is raving about Rodgers, Vardy and the overall team movement, shape and balance. On the other hand, Arsenal who has started the season relatively poorly and there is a lot of negativity about Emery, Xhaka and the overall lack of team movement, shape and balance.

To make things spicier, Rodgers is being touted by many pundits to replace Emery at AFC. Vardy was close to join us but decided to stay at Leicester.

To add to the drama, a loss against Leicester will all but end our Top 4 hopes while a win would not only give us hope to seriously challenge for a top 4 spot but would give a lifeline to Emery until the end of the year and will bring some positivity around our club.

Schmeichel – Ricardo, Evans, Chilwell – Ndidi, Tielemans, Maddison – Barnes – Vardy. So almost the whole squad except maybe Soyoncu and Barnes but again these two had stand out performances as well. That said, I think that we can basically find a way to bother them if we play behind Madisson and if we target Soyoncu. How to do that?

Emery is expected to play in a 3412 tomorrow and I can see him going with

If Ozil can play right behind Madisson and if Lacazette can target Soyuncu, we have a chance to create some opportunities to score BUT I would rather play with another line up where I would trust Willock and Pepe…I know I know but I think they could help us in being more effective in targeting the Leicester weaknesses, at least initially…

Anyways – I am not holding my breath but I think that the players know that this is a must “not lose” game so they will put in a good fight…If we can manage a draw at half time, we can maybe scrap out a win but given the current team forms, I would say that Leicester will dispatch us 3-1. Goals from Perreira, Maddison and Vardy. For us, it will be Luiz.

AFC – please prove me wrong and win vs Leicester! COYG!