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Frank Lampard spoke at a news conference on the eve of Chelsea’s game against Crystal Palace. Here’s some of what the Blues boss had to say.

“Ross has got an ongoing issue so he’s not in the squad tomorrow.

“With Mason, he’s in our squad. We’ll give him another 24 hours and we’ll make a call on that one in the morning.”

“He had an operation and he’s going to be out probably for around three weeks.

“Then we’ll have to see where the match fitness comes in, because it’s a long time Toni’s been out now.

“But it was nice to get something definitive about it. We’ve been trying to find a solution.

“Toni’s been having some issues and it’s not easy for a player in that position.

“Hopefully in three weeks’ time we’ll be in a lot better place.”

On being manager of the month

“I’m proud. I appreciate it. It’s a really nice award to win as a manager, particularly with the very good competition you always go up against.

“I respect all the other managers in the Premier League because I know what job they do now I’m here.

“It’s also a really good time to thank people at this club for their help on a daily basis.

“I take the picture but there are people behind the scenes, particularly my close staff, and the players because they go out and perform. Thanks to them as a collective.”

On the incredible draw against Ajax

“We should take a lot of positives out of it as a club because the fans were fantastic as well and if we can create a similar atmosphere to what we got in the second half against Ajax – it starts with us, starts with the players playing with the passion they did – then it can really help.”

On five Chelsea players getting England call-ups

“I’m pleased that their dedication and form has got them those call-ups. I know they’re proud. I’m proud as a manager to have them in the England squad.

“I’m proud of all the players to see them going away with their international teams but to see young lads getting their first steps into the team is obviously great.”

On whether Chelsea are looking below or above them in the table

“We’re looking in the mirror, at ourselves, because up or down are things you can’t always control. What will be will be with those teams. They have their problems or their strong points.

“What we have to do is look at ourselves week in week out. Every week brings a challenge.

“At the moment we’re pretty happy with what we’ve done but I think we can always get better. I don’t think we should look anywhere else other than within.

“It’s been a good month, hence the award that I’ve got personally and the team moving up the table and looking in a good position, but in football we know that things can change very quickly.”

“People talk about him very casually as the best defensive midfield player in the world. I don’t think that’s the full story.

“That’s not me criticising him – I’m actually doing the opposite. I think there’s much more to his game than that.

“I don’t even think at Leicester it was right to completely bracket him in that way. They had a particular way of playing, he suited it, he had the energy and could get around everywhere.

“A defensive midfield player in my mind is someone who sits in front of the back four or back three. I think he’s got much more than that.

“I think he’s shown all of those assets over the last four years for whoever he’s played – Leicester, Chelsea or France – and can give you more.

“That’s hopefully what we’ll be getting now he’s fit again.”

“We have to respect every game in the Premier League and we have to respect Crystal Palace, who are not far off from being up and around us, with some really good form and performances this year. By no means is it going to be an easy one for us.”

“It’s a long road and it’s a difficult one for Ruben because he’s obviously keen and we all want him back – we know the quality.

“But it’s going to be a while. I feel for him because people ask and the thing to say would be ‘Yeah, I’m really pushing on, it might be next week or next month’. I don’t think that’s quite the case.

“I think we need to let Ruben get on with it. We’re all supporting him here and there’s no immediate news.”