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Changes have to happen if Arsenal loses to Leicester City this evening.

No Arsenal fan will ever want their team to lose, it is depressing, gut-wrenching and it hurts. But sometimes, a loss can herald a new dawn.

International breaks, which follows this weekend fixtures, tend to see a manager or two sacked. The last break saw Watford offload Javi Gracia and for some, this next set of international matches hands the opportunity to the Arsenal board to dispense with the services of Unai Emery.

That will probably only happen if the Foxes slam Arsenal today.

In the event that the Spaniard is dumped then it is probable that Freddie Ljungberg will be given the job on a temporary basis. Unless he is a roaring success the club will then likely employ a high profile manager in the summer.

It feels like a torturous process but it is probably a necessary period that Arsenal has to go through in order to right the sinking ship.

Again, no Gooner want their team to lose, I do not, I want us to thrash Leicester City today. But if Brendan Rodgers men put Arsenal to the sword today there will at least be a silver lining. If the board have the balls to make the hard decision that is.

The board will not want the crowd turning on them again that is for sure. The only way to avoid that will be if they offload the former Sevilla manager.

So, in conclusion, Arsenal lose today and the resurrection can begin, they win and maybe, just maybe it is a turning point.

Or the cracks are just being papered over.

Actually, the more I think about it, football depression is hovering.