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A few vocal busybodies and local newspaper columnists were particularly upset, with some even making threats of legal action and a potential £7,000 fine for vandalising the landmark.

Thankfully, after some harshly worded attacks on Kalou’s character in the media came to the attention of his club, the TV channel assured everyone that it was all staged and without the magic of the editing studio, no damage was done to the wall.

The whole thing quickly blew over and the Hertha fans in the city certainly haven’t held it against him, as five years on Kalou remains one of their most important and popular players, and is now the side’s vice-captain.

It wasn’t the first time a TV channel has got our former number 21 into a spot of undeserved bother, though. During his time with Feyenoord, prior to joining Chelsea, debate was raging about whether Kalou could receive Dutch citizenship to represent his adopted home’s national team, with the likes of Johan Cruyff and Holland boss Marco van Basten leading the case for his nationalisation.

One TV channel tried to piggy back on that sensitive debate for publicity through a comical advertisement, which depicted Kalou shunning the Netherlands and instead taking German citizenship to represent their national team. Incidentally, one of the key shots of the advert showed him playing alongside Michael Ballack, who would later become his team-mate at Stamford Bridge.