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Every season-ending injury, trade and instance of an NBA player's destiny being determined by luck or ownership should remind you that player empowerment is a good thing.

When the biggest names in the NBA seek autonomy by angling for a trade, don't knock them. They're just trying to parlay their superstar clout into some measure of control over their careers. An NBA career is finite and change or end abruptly, often without a player having any say in the matter.

Why not do everything possible to find the best situation?

The hope should be that all superstars with the power to force change are never afraid to exercise it. In fact, a handful should consider assuming control of their careers by demanding a trade this season.

All of these suggestions come with the caveat that if things look good early in the year, the status quo is fine. But by discussing these players, we're acknowledging the possibility that a change could be for the best.

Players with power should use it to better their odds of professional success and personal satisfaction. Don't be surprised if several of these guys flex on their respective teams' owners at some point this season.